Solar Panel Guarantees

Green energy is here to stay. Property owners are investing in the installation of solar panels to provide them with renewable energy and earn Feed In Tariffs (FIT) as a long term investment.

Property owners making these investments need to know that the equipment installed is guaranteed.

For Commercial Property Owners and Housing Associations

Designed for owners of large scale multi property installations, as well as large installs on commercial premises.

Long Term Protection

Insurance cover for up to twelve years from the date the solar panels are installed, providing long term protection.

Wide and Flexible Insurance Cover

The cover provided automatically includes damage as a result of defective installation, materials and design, meaning that the damage is insured comprehensively.

Cover Extended to Include Existing Roofing

Where solar panels are fitted to existing buildings, the insurance can be extended to include damage to the existing roof as a consequence of a defect within the new installation.

Quality Control

Each installation will be independently inspected by AWM Surveyors Ltd, specialists in this field. This provides reassurance that the installation will be right first time.


You need to know that the warranty offered to property owners is backed by an insurer that is here to stay. Other warranty products in the market may not be backed by insurers. This warranty is backed by an “A” rated insurer.

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