Japanese Knotweed Cover

Japanese Knotweed is an invasive plant that can spread at a spectacular rate of up to four inches a day, it’s been described by the Environment Agency as the UK’s “most aggressive and destructive plant”. 

Fallopia japonica arrived in 1825 from Japan as an ornamental plant and it spreads through modified underground stems called rhizomes. Knotweed is classed as “controlled waste” under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and can only be disposed of at a licensed landfill site. 

It can grow beneath concrete and tarmac, causing damage to buildings, roads, driveways and drains. If knotweed is discovered at a property, it can cause serious headaches for the owners, who have a legal obligation to address the problem. 

We now have access to a brand new policy backed by a quality Insurer which provides cover to the buyers, their mortgagees, lessees and successors in title in the event that knotweed is discovered or reoccurs at the property after the policy commencement date up to the level of indemnity selected. 

The policy covers:
  • The cost of obtaining a survey report from a knotweed treatment specialist
  • Treatment costs to eradicate knotweed
  • Repair and restoration costs for any damage caused by knotweed
  • Legal defence expenses incurred to handle any claim from a third party affected by the spread of knotweed.

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