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Guarantees for Local Authority Works

A vital part of the tender process when looking to work with local authorities is the insurance backing for works to be carried out.

Understandably, local authorities are extremely diligent when appointing contractors. They commonly specify that works should be backed by insurance which will operate in the unlikely event that there is a defect in those works. This is where we come in.

New Builds

If your company is tendering for work to build premises such as council offices, libraries, leisure centres and the myriad other properties that local authorities are involved with, they will commonly look for your tender to include a ten year Latent Defects Insurance policy.

Conversions, Refurbishments and Repairs

Similarly, local authorities commonly look for ten year guarantees on other major projects on their property portfolio, whether they simply be repair/upgrade works such as roofing, facades or glazing etc, or more complex conversions and full refurbishments of stock.


As specialists in this field, we work with contractors and project managers to put together a competitive insurance guarantee that can be incorporated within the tender, to satisfy the requirements of the local authority.

Working with us not only keeps the cost down (increasing the competitiveness of the tender) but also means that you can provide the solution they require (ie the right insurance cover and policy details). You also have the benefit of being able to refer to us if they have any queries on the cover to be provided, which comes in very useful.

Contact our Local Authority team today

So if you are working, or looking to work, with local authorities and need details of an insurance backed guarantee or warranty to include in the tender – contact the specialists and we will be happy to help.

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