The Qudos Liquidator has advised FSCS that he has recently sent out letters to all UK customers of Qudos Insurance. These letters inform customers of the effects that the Qudos liquidation will have on their insurance policy and the dates when these effects date place.

In summary the dates are as follows:

20.12.2018 – Commencement of bankruptcy proceedings against Qudos in the Danish Court
28.12.2018 – Bankruptcy order was published in Danish Official Gazette
07.02.2019 – Danish Guarantee Fund will not protect or pay compensation for any claim occurring after this date. If you do have a claim after this date and you are eligible for FSCS protection, FSCS may be able to help you provided your policy is in force
28.03.2019 – All existing policies will cancel at the end of this date which is 3 months after the publication in the Danish Official Gazette
20.6.2019 – All claims protected by DGF must be reported by this date.

In addition to the above dates you must submit claims in accordance with usual limitation periods and time limits stipulated in your insurance policy.

There are no time limits other than limitation periods and time limits stipulated in your insurance policy for FSCS compensation claims.

Return of premium claims

The above dates do not apply to return of premium claims.

The liquidator recommends that return of premium claims are made by the end of 2019. The mechanism for making a return of premium claim to the liquidator will not be available until after February 2019. The liquidator expects there to be long delays in dealing with these claims.

Transfer of cover to a new insurer

FSCS is working with the following brokers, the Qudos liquidator and the Danish Guarantee Fund to replace policies with new insurers:

  • Adrian Flux
  • Tobell Insurance Services
  • Trent-Services
  • Building and Land Guarantees Ltd

Discussions are at an early stage. Policyholders affected by a transfer of cover to a new insurer will be contacted by their broker as soon as possible.

For further information on claims covered by the Danish Guarantee Fund please refer to:

For further information on claims covered by the FSCS:

Please contact your broker for further information