Covid and Property Conversions

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Here’s an interesting thought for you. As we all emerge squinting into the light after over a year of lockdown, take a look around at the amount of skips and scaffolding around existing buildings. There is a change occurring in construction – and that change is driven by covid.  Commercial buildings are the primary focus […]

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Basement Extensions and Conversions

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Increasingly homeowners in major cities are looking to build down rather than out or up. Simple reason – cities are running out of space! Naturally this is concentrated more in the central London area, but this trend is spreading across the UK. Generally focused on affluent areas of central city locations, property owners find themselves […]

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Subsidence, Remediation Works and Insurance

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In 2018 we saw an ‘Event’ year. Whilst sun worshippers in the UK baked in the long dry summer, a sinister development took place underground causing soils to become desiccated. This process of clay shrinkage, which accounts for the large majority of subsidence incidents, was rife and caused subsidence across the country. Despite the efforts […]

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