Getting us all Together Again

By James Russell In News & Current Affairs No comments

We, of course, specialise in construction insurance. Our blogs reflect that and always will, but today I want to big up sport and its role in helping us all to return to some sort of normality

As the country slowly emerges from covid (fingers crossed this is not another false dawn) I see sport as one of the many ways that we can all start to feel together again. We have been separated, segregated and kept apart for nearly a year and a half now. Crowds slowly became a thing of the past, smiles disappeared behind masks and conversations became virtual rather than real. The Olympics is a stark reminder of the challenges the world faces – with athletes competing in front of no crowds.

Elsewhere we are seeing crowds return, my personal favourite being the FA Cup final which I was fortunate enough to attend, being a Leicester fan. There were 20,000 in the crowd for that, which was a huge step forward. Then we saw 45,000 at Wembley for the early rounds of Euro 2020, followed by 65,000 for the final (I can’t recall the result as I have blanked it out!).

What stood out for me, rather than the football, was how amazing it feels to see and hear people together again, which by our very nature we all need. Sport brings us together, even though we may all follow different sports and different teams or athletes. 

So, whether you cheer for a football team, a pole-vaulter or a darts player (a dartist?????) – let’s start to see people safely coming together again. Personally I love that feeling of hugging a complete stranger who I will never see again after a vital goal is scored. It’s all part of the drama!

So, after all that positivity I can’t let the opportunity pass to put a word in for BLG. If you need help with Latent Defects Insurance or an Insurance Backed Guarantee then give us a call. We probably won’t hug you, but we will look after you!