Mental Health and Lockdown

By James Russell In News No comments

Usually I would take time here to discuss the construction industry. Building and looking after properties is what we are interested in the majority of the time, but today I focus on building and maintaining mental health.

As we approach one year since lockdowns in their various forms commenced, additional pressures on mental health are something that everyone is having to deal with. Remember, you are not alone – we are all going through this and everyone has had their lives, plus the lives of those around them, impacted by this.

For me, maintaining a structure has been essential. Waking up and going to bed at a similar time each day has been essential. Making sure I get at least one session of exercise a day, however rudimentary is a must for me. Most of all, staying in contact with friends and family as best we can until we can all meet up again properly.

My love of books has blossomed as I try to get away from the computer screen I am staring at all day. A good book really helps transport the mind to another place and give us some degree of adventure and variety in a life that now seems dominated by the same four walls each day. I’ve always been a movie buff, but the books have taken over during lockdown as I look to get away from a screen for a few hours. Turning those pages is very cathartic!

As for haircuts, well that has been a problem and many have detected I tend to sit face on in Zoom calls and the head does not turn! Move the head to the side and you will see handywork the likes of which is rarely seen outside of horror movies. The guilty party knows who they are!

So, let’s hope we emerge from this soon. In the meantime, let’s all just wish the best for each other and be available for others when they need us.

Stay safe everyone.