Despite Covid, the Future is Bright (honestly!)

By James Russell In News & Current Affairs No comments

So, as we approach the festive period we find ourselves still at the mercy of this awful covid pandemic. As a country we have got used to using phrases such as “social distancing” and “lockdown”,  two phrases among many that were very alien to us this time last year.

As a nation you don’t have to look far to see the devastating effects on retail, leisure and that priceless little thing called freedom, so it is good to see that there is now some optimism that we can get some kind of normality back. I talk of course of the vaccine which hopefully gets us all back on track early next year and lets us start doing the things we love again (for me personally, returning to football would be nice). So the future is potentially bright, as we cling to the first good news the country has had for a while.

On the business side BLG remains very strong, with staff all well used to working from home and a system of working that has seen us deliver time after time for our clients. Builders still build, developers still develop and we still help our clients with a knowledgeable and friendly personalised attitude that I think separates us from the rest.

So if you need Latent Defects Insurance, Residential Warranties or Insurance Backed Guarantees then get in touch. Find out what we can do for you. Optimism is alive, well and shining brightly here at BLG Towers! Stay safe everyone.