We love our NHS

By James Russell In News & Current Affairs No comments

Times like this bring out the good in people. Nowhere does this ring more true than with the people that make up our NHS.

NHS staff are working tirelessly on all our behalves, putting themselves at risk and doing all they can to protect us.

Regrettably I have personal experience of this over the past few months and I see every day the amazing job they do. NHS staff deserve all the praise they get from us all. Thursdays at 8pm, when we come together to clap for the NHS, have become a beacon to publicly show our support – let’s make sure this support remains just as strong long after this pandemic is beaten.

These are difficult times, so stay positive and cheerful. Some of the children of our wonderful BLG employees have made these beautiful drawings and I want to share them with you all.

Keep smiling and stay safe.