The Curious Case of the Confusing Roofing Guarantee

By James Russell In Insurance No comments

I like a good read. My last read was a classic Sherlock Holmes mystery. I thoroughly enjoyed it as you can tell from the title of this blog.

What has this got to do with roofing guarantees, you ask? Well, some roofing guarantees are genuinely backed by insurers, wheras others are imposters merely pretending to be. A game is afoot!

There are some very large roofing contractors and manufacturers providing guarantees apparently backed by insurers, craftily masquerading as Insurance Backed Guarantees when they are no such thing. Skullduggery!

How can you tell? You need to look closely at the guarantee. Does it show the name of the insurer? Does it have the relevant compliance disclosures? Does it refer to liability insurance, but purports to be an Insurance Backed Guarantee?

We specialise in Roofing Guarantees, Cladding Guarantees and Insurance Backed Guarantees, so we know what we are talking about.

So, is it a genuine Insurance Backed Guarantee or a mysterious interloper? Indubitably we can solve that mystery for you. Contact us and we will check it for you.