Modular Buildings and Government Targets

By James Russell In Buildings No comments

Modular builds have rightly been given priority by government departments looking to streamline construction across the education, defence, health, justice and transport sectors.

All well and good, you may say. It makes sense to use a system which enables these much needed public institutions to be built quicker and more economically, so this is to be applauded.

One problem though – there is a big difference between setting targets and achieving them. Surprisingly (or not, depending on your political leaning) the majority of government departments have not procured a single project with “a significant offsite component” in 2019, covering the first eight months. This includes defence, social/health care, justice and transport.  

Well done to the Department for Education which awarded 22 contracts over this time. Evidently they learn the ropes a little quicker than the other departments – gold star for them!

The widespread construction of modular buildings is growing rapidly and they provide a vital part of the construction sector. Insurers have been quick to recognise this and are able to provide ten and twelve year latent defects insurance policies (also known as inherent defects insurance policies) on these builds. Contact us to find out how we can help.