Now We are all Cricket Fans!

By James Russell In News & Current Affairs No comments

Well, It has been buzzing in our offices this morning as everybody talks about THAT final bowl. New Zealand needed two runs and they got one. Phew!

People in our offices range from those who can tell you the permutations of exactly what “silly mid-on” is, to those who watched it for the first time yesterday. What an occasion it was.

It was great to see the team win at Lord’s, especially when it looked at the half way point like it wasn’t going to be our day. Thankfully it all came good in the end and I know that I aged twenty years during those final two super overs!

As for Ben Stokes hitting fifteen runs in that final over of normal play, unbelievable! Sports personality of the year, anyone????

Well done England and congratulations to all the players.

Cricket has come home.