Manchester – England’s Second City?

By James Russell In News No comments

As the insurance world descends on Manchester today (lucky Manchester!) it is time for a few words on the city.

Whenever I visit Manchester I am astounded by the level of construction. The skyline is incredible and changing on an almost monthly basis.

As well as being home to two massive football clubs (one bigger than the other, though I will leave you to decide which one) it boasts the prestigious University of Manchester and the likes of Harvey Nichols and Selfridges, two ventures very discerning when choosing their locations. At one point the iconic Beetham Tower stood alone as an amazing focal point of the skyline. Back in 2006, who could have envisioned it would be joined by so many towers and indeed be surpassed.

As well as these traditional ventures, take a look at the innovation district which hosts one and two Circle Square, with another equally impressive building on the way in 2020. Add Media City and the Metro Link, two huge but very different projects which have added so much to Manchester and Greater Manchester as a whole.

The redevelopment of mills and car parks along the famous Manchester Ship Canal have brought high quality living, cosmopolitan restaurants and cafes to a thriving friendly environment. The people of Manchester have made this work and continue to strive.

Am I a big fan of Manchester? Yes I am. Manchester hosts the BIBA conference again today and I urge all delegates from the insurance and commercial/construction world to take a look around them before they go in. Birmingham has its work cut out to keep up.

We are actively providing Latent Defects Insurance and Insurance Backed Guarantees for construction across Manchester and we are proud to play a small part in the continued growth of the city.