Buildings and Regeneration – Tottenham

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Just take a look at the new Tottenham Hotspur stadium!

This leads me nicely on to two of my favourite subjects, namely modern architecture (see my blog of October 2018) and urban regeneration (my blog all the way back in March 2017!).

This fabulous stadium is reminiscent of a spaceship above the north London skyline. With a capacity of 62,062 (coincidentally just a little more than the Arsenal stadium just down the road) this building is technologically astounding, from the angle of the stands which are the steepest permissible, to the way the beer is served (just google it and be amazed). The pitch is retractable, meaning that they can host other events such as NFL without damaging the playing surface.

That is all well and good, but what about the local community? Well apart from the additional jobs created, this ground with its restaurants, cafes and public areas will serve as a community hub and they are even building an extreme sports complex too. The surrounding area is being developed massively with new living spaces, apartments and commercial businesses, all feeding off the pull of the new stadium building. Urban regeneration which I hope will give as much to the local population as it does to football fans.

We are providing numerous policies across the area, including latent defects insurance, insurance backed guarantees and residential warranties. It’s all about sustainability, so a ten or twelve year insurance cover on these buildings is crucial.

I saw the stadium during construction and I can’t wait to see it again!