Amazing Buildings – The Tulip

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Today I want to take a look at a new property proposed for the square mile in London, being the Tulip.

You may have read stories about the issues highlighted as regards the gondolas (attached to the structure) that have sent air traffic controllers into a frenzy. Can a suspended gondola affect our sophisticated multi-million pound air traffic control systems? Apparently!

Rather than look at that issue, I want to look at why London needs it. For me, London is crucial to the UK and never moreso than on the eve of Brexit. It needs to continue to be seen as a world city, a beacon that attracts business rather than watch business make its way across the English Channel or the Atlantic.

Tourism is a big part of that. The square mile is a hive of activity during the week (Bank station at 8am anyone?!?!?) but it gets very quiet at weekends. Tourists don’t tend to make their way too much further than The Monument or St Paul’s Cathedral, maybe venturing as far as St Mary Axe to see The Gherkin.

The tulip, with its amazing architecture, lines and curves, plus a world class observation deck, is just what is needed to keep London – and therefore the UK – at the centre of the tourist map. Designed by Foster and Partners, I hope it gets built and I look forward to seeing it. Construction is vital to the UK, as are marquee projects such as this.

London needs to flower if the UK is to bloom. Plus it needs a latent defects policy, of course, which we can provide!

Image credit: DBOX for Foster + Partners