Modern Architecture – London

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As you all know, one of my favourite subjects is modern architecture. As a specialist in construction guarantees, I am fortunate in that I get to see a lot of buildings!

One of the benefits of working regularly in London is that I view projects as they progress from holes in the ground to wonderful gleaming towers of innovation.

The Scalpel is a building I have seen a great deal of, mainly due to its location next to Lloyds of London. Designed by American architects Kohn Pedersen Fox of New York City (another wonderful skyline), I think it is the sleek curves and angles on this building that make it stand out for me. Due to complete shortly, this 38 storey tower will be a welcome addition to the skyline on Lime Street, so take a look at it next time you are in London.

I see architects adding flourishes and innovation to buildings that make them more than just functional, they become a part of the fabric of the city and a symbol of excellence. That really is the key to amazing architecture for me – a building that not just serves its purpose, but is also a statement. Buildings put cities on maps.

Another eye catching building in London for me is 1 West India Quay. A sleek highly glazed building with a commanding view of West India Docks. Built back in 2004, this one still stands out for me as a signature building.

The GLC is another interesting one, unusual shape and rather bulbous – quite the opposite of the towers above. Nevertheless quite beautiful (in my humble opinion) because of the fact that it dares to be different. It stands out. Another building that can be identified from its silhouette alone.

Keep your eyes skywards when you visit major cities, as opposed to looking down into your phone, and feast on the wonderful skylines being created every day.

Of course, when building anything like this don’t forget the latent defects insurance (LDI) and insurance backed guarantees (IBG) that protect these amazing buildings. Build it right and look after it.