Cladding – Making People Safe

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As work continues across the country to asses and replace cladding, it is apparent that the scale of this task is even more widespread than first feared.

It is good to see that local authorities and housing associations have access to government funds to assist with the reasonable costs of removing and replacing unsafe cladding from buildings which they own. A positive step as we all look to ensure that people are safe in their homes.

Whilst this is welcomed, I am left wondering about people living in homes owned privately. These individuals find themselves in such buildings through no fault of their own and now potentially face either bearing the cost themselves or protracted dialogue (often legal) with developers, owners and landlords – all the time knowing they are in a property which is high risk and would be addressed by government funding were it in the social sector.

Whether the property is in the social sector or the private sector the goal remains the same – replace the cladding and reduce the risk to the occupants.

When new cladding is installed it is often accompanied by ten year insurance backed guarantees provided by the contractor – and it is easy to see why. As well as managing the risk with a layer of independent technical inspections for insurers, only certain contractors and products can benefit from such an insurance guarantee. These two factors add a degree of extra security as regards quality and safety.

If you have any queries regarding cladding guarantees or insurance backed guarantees then feel free to contact us.