Hope for policyholders with Alpha insurance

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Amongst many to suffer from Alpha’s recent collapse are thousands of homeowners who could be without 10-year structural defects insurance following the collapse of Alpha Insurance.

Putting this sort of cover in place retrospectively can be prohibitively expensive and therefore many policyholders who have parted with one lot of premium already may end up taking the risk on their properties that no structural issues emerge.

All manner of projects could be affected such as large apartment blocks, conversion projects, student accommodation and city living developments.

The Insurance Times has reported that Alpha went bust because it was connected to a web of unrated and weakly capitalised insurers.

Obviously hindsight give you 20/20 vision but here at Building and Land we placed no business whatsoever with CRL.

Since the failure of Alpha Insurance we have been busy helping and advising clients left high and dry from this unfortunate turn of events.

To benefit from this knowledgeable advice as experienced specialists in this field please contact me on 07802 387526 or our Head Office on ‭0116 281 2201‬.