The CRL Warranty – Alpha Insurance A/S

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We are currently inundated with calls by worried policyholders that have a policy with the above.

First things first – as one of our policyholders you will be pleased to hear we do not and have not placed business under the warranty. The fact that Alpha Insurance A/S is in liquidation will not affect our customers, who are insured elsewhere.


For those developers that have sold on properties with a CRL Warranty, it is important you do whatever you can to assist your customers. It is important for the reputation of the housebuilding industry. If your company made the decision to use the warranty, even though there were alternatives available with stronger insurers, you may well come under pressure from homeowners – understandably so!

So, for those developers out there that provide a warranty on their properties to their customers, do your due diligence.


For those homeowners affected, worrying times unfortunately. Feel free to contact us and we will look at arranging an alternative policy for you.

Protection for your Home

This is the biggest purchase a person will ever make – that person deserves to know they are adequately protected. Developers and builders have a responsibility to their customers.

Feel free to contact us if you have any queries regarding this.