I’m a person, not a number!

By James Russell In News & Current Affairs No comments

Let me share an experience with you that I had recently. I made a call to my utility supplier. Simple enough, you would think.

After being told by an automated system for fifteen minutes that I am important to them, I then input a number and held for another few minutes. At last I finally talked to a person, who pointed out I need another department. I then went back into the automated system, got told by a computer that I am important, then proceeded to hold again. Finally it was a case of repeating everything back again that I told the previous person what seemed like an hour before!

Why do I raise this? Well, because we are very different. You will see on this site that we even publish the mobile numbers of our Directors. Why do we do this? Because service and personal contact are what make this business work.

We genuinely do have a personal approach. I know most of my clients from their voices alone even before they say their name. The people that work here are the same. We get to know people, we talk to them, we help them and we have direct lines to a dedicated person so there is no queueing and no explaining the same thing over and over again. It’s easy to espouse the virtues of this but not so easy to follow it through.

Look at the site. You’ll see direct contact details. We practice what we preach. Does your insurer do the same?

Give us a try and see how we do. Our relationships are what matter. People matter.